Bespoke Kitchens

We'll Create Your Dream Bespoke Kitchen

At Isla Kitchens, we’re specialists in creating unique bespoke kitchens for our clients. Our process means real collaboration from start to finish. We understand that the kitchen is the heart of a home, so where better to have a space that represents you? Whether you’re planning on upgrading or extending your home, redeveloping or starting from scratch. This is an investment that is likely to be central to your home for years to come so it’s important to get it right.

At Isla Kitchens, people are the focus so our designers develop customised solutions for our customers. Each of our bespoke kitchens becomes a unique work of contemporary/classic design made to perfectly complement the surrounding home.

Every kitchen is designed and built specifically for each individual client, so no two are ever the same. Visit our recent projects for initial inspiration and see how each design has been tailored to the lifestyle and personal tastes of the client. The end result is always an exquisite bespoke kitchen that is not only functional but truly beautiful.

How We Create Bespoke Kitchens

A Visit to your Home

We call to site for an initial consultation and the first measurements are taken. Let’s discuss your vision and budget for the space. We want to really understand the practicalities, features and style that are integral to your dream bespoke kitchens design.


Incorporating your priorities and interior tastes, we’ll now provide you with a bespoke kitchens design. We use the latest 3D CAD software to draw up the project. The client then comes to our showroom to view the design in 3D and further changes are made if necessary. Our designs come with recommended colours, finishes and appliances.

The Build

Before this stage veins, materials and finishes are chosen. We’ll make a final visit to the site to check all measurements before work commences. Then using the latest CNC technology together with timeless craftsmanship we’ll deliver the best possible results from raw timber. Our finished product is guaranteed to impress.


All our fitters have years of experience completing both domestic and commercial projects. We also have close links with tilers, plumbers and electricians so we can deliver the package that suits you from start to finish.

Bespoke Kitchens Meath Dublin

Different Style Bespoke Kitchens

We are passionate about providing design solutions that make the best use of the space, make the right style statement and maximise your budget. Our work has covered timeless, classic kitchens as well as modern styles. 

Classic Kitchens

Classic kitchens are always an elegant solution. Of course, they’re perfect for family life and being the centre of the house. They elevate period homes or bring character to new homes.

Timeless design is probably the best way to describe classic design. It’s a type of design that has evolved over time and been perfected. This long-lasting quality means your new kitchen will look great in your home for many years to come.

Contemporary Kitchens

If you value groundbreaking design then a contemporary style may be better for your home. Using the latest trends in kitchen design we’ll make a modern kitchen that accomplishes exactly what you’re looking for.